Store Closing January 15th BIG SALE 50% off

We are sad to announce the storefront will be closing January 15th. We are offering 50% off everything in the store except Rudi's, Udi's, Better Batter, Jules and the Allergy Free Chicken.

We are not going out of business but taking our concept in a new direction with delivery service, tailored shopping, case ordering, consulting for newbies to gluten free diet, coordination for baking and dinner services. We will also start to work on our non-profit support group.

Thank you for supporting us over the past 6 months. It has been wonderful and we feel so blessed to have helped so many people find food to enjoy again.

Hours will be as follows
Tues-Fri 11am-3:30pm and again 5:30pm-7pm
Sat 10am-3pm
Call with questions 302-3954.

Michele Doss

Holiday Hours

Monday, December 13th                  Open 5pm-7pm for Produce co-op
Tuesday, December 14th - 17th                 11am-7pm
Saturday, December 18th                          10am-4pm Santa Party 4pm-6pm
Monday, December 20-23rd                     11am-7pm
Thursday, Decmebr 23- 27th                     Closed
Tuesday, December 28th- 30                    10am-7pm
Friday, December 31st-January 3rd           Closed
January 3rd OPEN NORMAL HOURS    9am-7pm

December News and Sales 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Seasons to Everyone!
It is that time of year already and we are all out trying to shop for family, friends, teachers and other special people in our lives. What better way to show those you care about then giving them a CHASE FOODS GIFT CARD. They can be customized to any dollar amount. We can also create gift baskets for those of you who just found out a loved one has celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
Tommy's gluten free pumpkin and apple pies were a hit so he is doing it again for Christmas. Please watch your email for the pre-order forms within the next week.
SANTA is coming to Chase Foods on DECEMBER 18th at 4:30pm. We are having a gathering for children that are on specific diets like the feingold and gfcf. The party starts at 4pm with santa arriving at 4:30. There will be cupcakes that are allergen free (gluten dairy, egg, soy, peanut and tree nut free) as well as ornaments for the children to decorate. We are also offering a $25 gift card to the best decorated ornament that is brought into the store between now and December 18th.
We are working hard to get our online store up and running. Once that occurs we are going to start offering LOCAL DELIVERY service and of course shipping to anywhere in the US.
Here are our December Specials!
Food for Life Sweet Potato $1.99
 Boulder Canyon small bags $1.99 big bags $2.99
 Solea Polenta Chips $.50
 Good Karma Apple Chips $1.25
Michael Seasons Cheese Puffs & Curls $2.50
Pirate’s Booty NY small bags $.50
Pirate’s Booty Veggie $1.99
Pirate’s Tings $1.99
Healthy Times Puffs & Cookies $1.00
Clementine Arts Dye Free are 50% off
CerealVit Choco Star & Coffee Flakes $2.99
Café Altura Coffee $5.00 and get a box of CerealVit for $1.00
EnviroKidz Frosted Amazon flakes $2.99
Nature’s Path Corn Flakes $2.99
Erewhon Corn Flakes $2.99
Glenny’s Peanut Butter Bars $2.99
Cookies & Crackers
Wow Baking Oatmeal cookies $2.99
Blue Diamond Almond Thins Cheddar, BBQ, Sea Salt $2.29
Sami’s Croutons $2.79
Newmans Popcorn $1.00
Jo-Sefs Graham Squares $4.29
Ian’s Animal Cookies $2.99
Stash Green Tea $2.19
Hemp Bliss Original $3.99
Good Karma Rice Milk Unsweetened & Chocolate $2.29
Santa Cruz Juices Grape & Cranberry $1.99
Shelf Goods
Frontier Vegan Taco & Sloppy Mixes $1.00
Stonehouse 27 Sauces  $4.19
Santa Cruz Apple Sauces  $1.99
ToL Organic Raisins $2.99
Vermont Apple Sauce $2.99
Quinoa Spaghetti $2.59
Jovial Rice Spaghetti  $2.99
Scarpetta Pasta Sauce $4.59
Middle Earth Pasta Sauce $3.99
ToL Honey Buckwheat $5.29
ToL Honey Bear $3.99
ToL Honey $4.19
Krazy Kethcup $4.99
Drews Salad Dressings $2.29
Annie’s Dressing $3.99

Holiday Hours and Gluten Free Desserts!

We are making this Thanksgiving season easy for those who want an absolute yummy gluten free pie! Tommy from Tommy's Pizza has created the most mouth watering buttery tasting apple and pumkin pies. He brought a sample in last week and I did not want to share. He will have 9" apple and pumkin pies ready for pick up on Tuesday morning. They are $13.97 and will sale fast so call to reserve one. He is making 5 apple and 5 pumpkin. So far an apple has already been claimed.
We will also have Grainless Bakers chocolate and pumpkin pies in our freezer section as well as mini cheesecakes ready to defrost and enjoy.
Tiffany Young is our new local cake baker how is strictly allergy free from gluten, dairy, nuts, and eggs. She is bringing in chocolate and pumkin spice cupcakes on Friday. They will be in our cooler individually wrapped. The cost is $2 a cupcake.
If you have any other needs for the holiday let us know and we will see what we can do to help you out!!
Holiday hours are Wednesday from 9am-2pm and closed Thursday and Friday. Saturday back to normal hours!
Have a Happy Weekend,
Michele Doss
Chase Foods, Allergy Free Food Market

New Market place!

As some of you know we were in the works to open a cafe in the space adjacent to the market. After lots of prayer and hard work on the space to get it ready to go, we have had to make a tough decision. We are not going to be opening the cafe. During the past month it became apparent to us that we are here for you to offer the best options in gluten free, dairy free, egg free and other allergen free options through our market. As wonderful as the cafe would have been for all of us it was taking away from our original concept.

We are back on track and bringing in new and exciting products! We have used this time to remodel our original space and are planning the move for this coming weekend November 20th. So if anyone feels the urge to stop in and help will are starting at 3:30pm and will be serving some yummy Boylan sodas!!

Thanks for all your understanding and patience with us during our first few months in business!

Kids with Food Allergies Holiday Survival Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Tips
 Holidays on an Elimination DietThanksgiving is a holiday in the United States notable for overindulging on a large spread of traditionally prepared foods, many of which are laced with wheat, eggs, milk and other allergenic ingredients. A perfect holiday for many Americans includes eating a butter-basted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, traditional bread stuffing and Grandma’s pumpkin pie - followed by leaving the table stuffed, loosening one’s belt, and then falling asleep in front of a football game on the TV.

Holidays like Thanksgiving that revolve around food can truly be challenges for families raising children with food allergies. The traditional meal for your family can present numerous allergy risks -- and the risks can be even greater if you are not preparing the meal yourself but relying on someone else to cook the meal. Is there any way around the stress and pressure of a holiday known for allergen-laden foods? Or can the foods be made safe for your food-allergic kids?

Additional Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

Download KFA's free PDF booklet, Celebrating Thanksgiving with Food Allergies to find 12 food-free Thanksgiving craft and activities, strategies for making dinner and school safe and more!

There are different approaches to this challenge, including:

  • Preparing the entire meal yourself at your home using safe ingredients.
  • Helping family prepare the meal at their homes using safe ingredients.
  • Preparing a safe meal for your child while letting the rest of your family enjoy their traditional favorites.
Your challenge is to decide what is right for your family and safe for your child.

Another approach to enjoying the holiday is to take the emphasis off food, and focus on other safe activities your whole family can enjoy together.

Don't be afraid to try new things with your family. Play your own football game. Volunteer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter (if your kids are old enough not to eat the food, of course!). Visit a state park. Take a walk in the woods. Play a board game, or start making some Christmas presents together.

Whatever you do - eat until you can't move, or stay away from the typical food altogether, or somewhere in between - have a happy Thanksgiving!

Organic Thanksgiving!

The Nieghborhood Garden is offering Pre-order Organic Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Stop by the store to place your order.
They are $4.59 a lb and range from 10-16 lbs. each.
They aer coming from Amish Cuontry in Lancaster, PA.
Limited quantities available.

$45 non-refundable deposit is required with all turkey orders.
Please call Melissa Garnier at 386-4838 if interested!