The Store is NOW OPEN!

We did it! With great success and a lot of help from Matt Sullivan (our famous chef for the cafe) and tons of true close friends (you know who you are) we made the move over the past weekend. This task has been an adventure in itself! The store had just gotten to a point of running smoothly where I had time for the family again. Then the cafe evolved!

We took over a restarant that had gone out of business in a only a few short months, yet created such a mess for us to clean up. With that being said please stop by and see what we have done to the place!!

The cafe will be ready to open the second week of November with a yummy lunch menu and weekend brunch. During the week we will offer morning coffee, quick muffins, donuts, lunch with sandwiches, salads, soups and free wi-fi all day. As we grow things will change and grow with us which makes it even more exciting.

We are offering the new Energy Armor bands in store for $19.99 or 3 for $54.99.

We will be announcing the new bread and wraps that we have discovered from a southern florida bakery and a colorado bakery. Still waiting on one more bakery out of Texas to sample there breads.

Keep a watch out for a menu to appear on the website over the next few days!


  1. do you have like menus that people can see? not just for the cafe but also for your products in the store.

  2. What is a tidbit lunch? I see your sign outside sometimes and I was wondering.

  3. Tidbits lunch is from the Tidbits Deli in San Marco. We offer chicken salad wraps, turkey cheddar wraps with a side of potato salad and po-boys. They are all $4.99 and ready to pick up and eat!

  4. Our online store should be up and running by the end of November that way you can see what products we have in the store.