New Market place!

As some of you know we were in the works to open a cafe in the space adjacent to the market. After lots of prayer and hard work on the space to get it ready to go, we have had to make a tough decision. We are not going to be opening the cafe. During the past month it became apparent to us that we are here for you to offer the best options in gluten free, dairy free, egg free and other allergen free options through our market. As wonderful as the cafe would have been for all of us it was taking away from our original concept.

We are back on track and bringing in new and exciting products! We have used this time to remodel our original space and are planning the move for this coming weekend November 20th. So if anyone feels the urge to stop in and help will are starting at 3:30pm and will be serving some yummy Boylan sodas!!

Thanks for all your understanding and patience with us during our first few months in business!

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