December News and Sales 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Seasons to Everyone!
It is that time of year already and we are all out trying to shop for family, friends, teachers and other special people in our lives. What better way to show those you care about then giving them a CHASE FOODS GIFT CARD. They can be customized to any dollar amount. We can also create gift baskets for those of you who just found out a loved one has celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
Tommy's gluten free pumpkin and apple pies were a hit so he is doing it again for Christmas. Please watch your email for the pre-order forms within the next week.
SANTA is coming to Chase Foods on DECEMBER 18th at 4:30pm. We are having a gathering for children that are on specific diets like the feingold and gfcf. The party starts at 4pm with santa arriving at 4:30. There will be cupcakes that are allergen free (gluten dairy, egg, soy, peanut and tree nut free) as well as ornaments for the children to decorate. We are also offering a $25 gift card to the best decorated ornament that is brought into the store between now and December 18th.
We are working hard to get our online store up and running. Once that occurs we are going to start offering LOCAL DELIVERY service and of course shipping to anywhere in the US.
Here are our December Specials!
Food for Life Sweet Potato $1.99
 Boulder Canyon small bags $1.99 big bags $2.99
 Solea Polenta Chips $.50
 Good Karma Apple Chips $1.25
Michael Seasons Cheese Puffs & Curls $2.50
Pirate’s Booty NY small bags $.50
Pirate’s Booty Veggie $1.99
Pirate’s Tings $1.99
Healthy Times Puffs & Cookies $1.00
Clementine Arts Dye Free are 50% off
CerealVit Choco Star & Coffee Flakes $2.99
Café Altura Coffee $5.00 and get a box of CerealVit for $1.00
EnviroKidz Frosted Amazon flakes $2.99
Nature’s Path Corn Flakes $2.99
Erewhon Corn Flakes $2.99
Glenny’s Peanut Butter Bars $2.99
Cookies & Crackers
Wow Baking Oatmeal cookies $2.99
Blue Diamond Almond Thins Cheddar, BBQ, Sea Salt $2.29
Sami’s Croutons $2.79
Newmans Popcorn $1.00
Jo-Sefs Graham Squares $4.29
Ian’s Animal Cookies $2.99
Stash Green Tea $2.19
Hemp Bliss Original $3.99
Good Karma Rice Milk Unsweetened & Chocolate $2.29
Santa Cruz Juices Grape & Cranberry $1.99
Shelf Goods
Frontier Vegan Taco & Sloppy Mixes $1.00
Stonehouse 27 Sauces  $4.19
Santa Cruz Apple Sauces  $1.99
ToL Organic Raisins $2.99
Vermont Apple Sauce $2.99
Quinoa Spaghetti $2.59
Jovial Rice Spaghetti  $2.99
Scarpetta Pasta Sauce $4.59
Middle Earth Pasta Sauce $3.99
ToL Honey Buckwheat $5.29
ToL Honey Bear $3.99
ToL Honey $4.19
Krazy Kethcup $4.99
Drews Salad Dressings $2.29
Annie’s Dressing $3.99

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